The Calling – Rev. David Lee


Rev. David Lee

The Calling to Restoration of Spiritual Gifts


The Calling – Rev. David Lee

The late Rev. David Lee was formally the Pastor of Christ Temple Pentecostal Church in Aurora, CO, after traveling as an evangelist for a decade preaching the gospel. He has successfully ministered across North America, carrying the Apostolic mantle, seeing many notable miracles and healings. Brother Lee has been used in the ministry of healing and deliverance wherever he has gone. He carries a great burden to see people free to worship Jesus Christ. The ministry God has given him is straight forward, yet full of compassion, carrying a great level of faith for people and their future. Brother Lee is married to Carol Lee and is the father of three boys, Joel, Chris, and Jeremy.

If you want to understand the uses of Spiritual Gifts, this book is a must read!

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