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Faith Tabernacle

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Establishing An Apostolic Hermeneutic (EAAH) is an internal document written for the five-fold ministry only.

Some books may be consumed for information and knowledge. Some books are absorbed for inspiration and challenge. Then, there may be a book or two along the way that demands the reader seriously consider his direction and actions.

And so, the challenge is set forth. Biblical interpretation, done incorrectly or sloppily, results in error and false doctrine. This book offers an open door to the consideration of biblical interpretation. A careful reading will supply the “student” (and we are all students) with a start toward considering (or further considering) this much-needed arena of study.

dedicate just a little of your time to be a thinking theologian, and to establish in your own life, what has already been established by Jesus Christ, His apostles, and the New Testament writers.” (EAAH text)

D.S. Garza