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Keith G. Morehead

About the Author:

Keith and I were married in 1975 in the Baptist Church of my childhood. We continued to be active members there for seven years. Keep desire to know more about God caused him to ask many questions and search out descriptors for answers. He first visited a Pentecostal church seeking answers to questions concerning the oneness and Trinitarian doctrines. Pete has studied the Bible, theology, church history, philosophy, and logistics scholars extensively during his quest to understand more about the nature of God. It is an insatiable desire to learn more about God involved a year of intensive study to the point that he rarely talked about anything else. The answers to his questions not only led him to discovery of who Jesus really is, but also changed our lives.

Marva Morehead



Fictional Foundations of
Trinitarian Thought

Soft Cover Book 5.5″ x 8.5″

This is an excellent study in its entirety, written by the late Rev. Keith G. Morehead, entitled Fictional Foundations of Trinitarian Thought. First published in 1988.


Late, Keith G. Morehead

By Keith G. Morehead