Según el Camino que Ellos Llaman Herejía


Book 5.5×8.5 Softcover

By Thomas Weisser


Según el Camino que Ellos Llaman Herejía

Essential by Thomas Weisser

This is an excellent short read on a much overlooked history of early Christianity. While it is not the most academic of presentations the research and information presented here is such that it is not even commonly seen in other histories done by Oneness Pentecostals. This a great addition to what resources you may already have on the subject. I believe it is not meant to be a conclusive study as much as a companion volume to that which already exist. My only critique of the book would be that at the end it seems the authors was rushed to finish. He simply covers the last 100+ years in a mere paragraph. In spite of it calling for a better closing this book is still 5 stars because of the content it contains. The timeline chart alone is worth the purchase of the book.

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