Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em



Leamon T. Reynolds – Home and Foreign Missionary

This book is all about a One God Jesus Name Minister of the Gospel – Leamon T. Reynolds

Leamon T. Reynolds through God’s Anointing established 7 churches in the USA and in America Samoa. God had given him an incredible gift of building churches and people.

His story is full of humor, laughter, weeping, and trials, but most of all a story about a man who’s life portrayed VICTORY! Not just for himself, but for the Church of Jesus Christ.

I had the privilege of being under his ministry for about 5 years. He was a preacher’s man, an incredible example of a Christian and great leader. He loved the people of God and they loved him. He has gone on to be with the Lord. I greatly miss him, but his teaching is still with me. Thank you, Jesus! For putting this man and his family in my life – William D. Felt.

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