By J.W. Hall & B.W. Parks


JHVH of the Old & JESUS of the New

Out of the pages of the Greatest Book ever written, the Holy Bible, comes the most powerful personal name of God, “JHVH” of the Old Testament. A name greatly feared and reverenced by the priest and scribes that they would not attempt to pronounce it. Each time they would scribe the name of God “JHVH” in the Holy Scriptures, they would drop their pen and wash themselves. Because of this fear, the name of God JHVH and its pronunciation was lost over time. Great contentions rose among the Jewish sect on pronouncing the name of God JHVH. Even to this day, the mysterious name of JHVH is unknown by most. Today this phenomenon is raging again. Some believe the name of God is pronounced Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, and the list goes on. This book, written by Rev. B.W. Parks and J. W. Hall, reveals the name of God JHVH of the Old Testament to be JESUS of the New Testament

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