What’s in a Name?


By William D. Felt


What’s in a Name?  A nugget of Truth!

Names are more powerful than simply the characters that represent it. It represents every transaction you make. It signifies ownership and rights to bank notes, business relations, pay checks, marriage, authorship, and beyond.

And in a growing world based in text, online search, and social profiles, the purpose of your name has expanded and become more important than it ever was before. It does not simply represent who you are. It is who you are!

The Name of Jesus is not only the name of a child that was born almost 2,000 years ago, but it is the name that is Above Every Other Name. The name of Jesus has Power to Heal, the Power to give life, the Power to Save and Deliver those that believe in that Name of Jesus. Discover “The Nugget of Truth” and why we only baptize in water in the Name of Jesus.

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