A Christian’s Two Natures & Seven Men


Wire Bound,  121 Pages and Full Color Diagrams,


David F. Gray

May 6, 1917 – April 23, 1996,

He was married to Emily Belle Butler on November 22, 1936. David Gray came to San Diego in 1945. He then established Revival Tabernacle in a storefront on Seventh Street in downtown San Diego. Later the church congregation moved to 28th Street where they con­vened a garage into a taberna­cle. Other locations include 16th and E Streets; Nile Street (presently 805 freeway). The church is presently located on six acres of property known as Pentecost Park. The street leading to this property is Pentecost Way.

The present Revival Tabernacle was designed and built after the style of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, the only building like it in the world. It is a San Diego landmark.

David Gray, a Giant Soldier of God…More than fifty pastors, missionaries, and evangelists have been the product of his life and ministry.
He lived what he taught.

A Christian’s Two Natures & Seven Men

This is an excellent study, in its entirety, written by the late Rev. David F. Gray, entitled ” Two Natures and Seven Men and the Secret of Victory Over Satan and Power with God,” which he wrote and published in 1957.



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