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Bro. & Sis. Felt 

FOUNDED:  1991 in Union City’s Downtown Historic Business District. 


We Print Everything from Business Cards to Vehicle Signage.  


Handcrafted Letterpress, State-of-the-art Digital Printing and Offset, Large Format Flatbed, Grand Format Plotters, Signage Indoor and Outdoor, we also do, Fleet and Vehicle Signage.

Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. (1 Timothy 4:13) 

Ecclesiastical Researches is a place where the true student can find theology, exhortation, and the tools he needs to do the work of an evangelist.

Ecclesiastical Researches is a site that is specifically dedicated to influencing an up and coming generation of ministers. We believe that the ministry should endeavor to excel in the world of expressing their theological and religious views in writing. We desperately need Apostolic writers to address the concerns that we all face in this last hour.

Jerry & Roffie Ensey: We want to help you find inspirational reading material. Browse through the many books and Bible studies offered in our online store. Peruse the articles that we have provided on a number of  topics. Learn more about us.